Istanbul Infographic Series

Digital illustration
33 x 48 cm / 13 x 19 inches each

Based on my experiences in a trip to Istanbul in 2012, I designed a series of 6 infographics cataloging different aspects of my trips. My aim was to explore this very rational, data-driven medium, and to potentially synthesise that with “information” that was essentially personal and emotional, or at least reflective of a certain intimacy. I began to think about the idea of the collection and classification of information as a nostalgic process of journaling. The 6 pieces focus on: tiles at the Rustem Pasha mosque, visits to the Grand Bazaar, collected ephemera, stationery that I brought/used on the trip, photographs I shot, and sketches that I drew.

This series was developed after completing 'The Artist's Journal,' a three-week School of Visual Arts summer programme in Istanbul, Turkey.