Berny Tan x Calendar Project (Geneve Ong)

A contribution to the Calendar Project, which in its second year invites guest artists to create monthly designs for desktop and phone wallpapers. Since 2016 is a leap year, this hand-embroidered design for the February wallpaper took inspiration from a graph of leap year shifting patterns c. 1750 – 2250 C.E.

Berny Tan x Flora Chan

A short non-fiction piece about learning how to make my grandmother's chilli, designed as a 36-page booklet by Flora Chan

Limited edition of 100 booklets

Berny Tan x Sher Chew

A collaborative data visualisation project based on a year-long reading of Jules Verne's classic novel The Mysterious Island

Online at

Berny Tan x Sal Seah

A diagrammatic visualisation of Sal Seah's short story 'Emerson & Greta,' in the form of a handmade, screenprinted book



Berny Tan x Priene Hali Project

A diagram about the difficulties of completing any given task, woven into a small carpet by women rug weavers in rural Turkey as part of the Priene Hali Project