Meditations on Loss

Hand painted yarn, thread, canvas, embroidery hoops
32 x 32 cm / 12.5 x 12.5 inches

This diagrammatic triptych posits theories on the concept of loss, developed out of my personal experiences. Words are used sparingly, as in the labels in such diagrams, but with a concise and deliberate poeticism. The intimately therapeutic yet quietly violent act of embroidery mediates the mechanical geometry. The metamorphosing colour of the hand painted yarn lends resonance to the idea that the sense of loss fills the space left behind by the lost object. It is this sense of loss which can be moulded into a monument to the lost being, and which continues to haunt me even as I move on from past loss.

This work was exhibited in the VCS Spring 2014 Open Studios (1 May 2014), on the BFA Visual & Critical Studies Department floor at the School of Visual Arts. It was next exhibited in Repurposing Nostalgia (January 2016), at 42 Petain Road in Singapore.