List of Figures from the Biography of an Unknown Female

Clothbound portfolio, silkscreen and letterpress on paper
20 x 25 cm / 8 x 10 inches each

Inspired by the matter-of-fact yet lyrical writing style of Jorge Luis Borges, I wrote a third-person narrative in the form of a series of paradoxical statements based on self-assessment. I paired these statements with 'paradoxical shapes' – hand-drawn depictions of impossible objects/optical illusions. Just as one is invariably confused when confronted with these images for the nth time, I am confused by my own contradictory mindsets that are at the same time very familiar to me.

While the printing is far from perfect, I consider this series to be a milestone in my attempt to combining diagrams and introspection to establish a psychological self-portrait. It also shares significant aesthetic similarities with my later work.