The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition: c. 2015 –

Objectifs Chapel Gallery / DECK [Singapore]
Co-curated for OH! Open House

c. 2015 – was an exhibition of artwork by 34 young artists from Noise Singapore’s The Apprenticeship Programme. The apprentices developed their work over four months with guidance from creative industry professionals, who served as their mentors, as well as from the OH! Open House team.

Given the curatorial theme “Letter to My Future Self,” the artists created works that interrogated the self in relation to time. Their vastly different interpretations reflected how the concept of time is something deeply individual, rather than a collective consensus.

Our exhibition design went beyond the “white cube” convention in order to physicalise the themes of the exhibition. We wanted the viewer to lose their sense of time as they walked through a space fragmented by modules and partitions. Mirrors warped one’s perception of reality by creating spaces that didn’t physically exist. Finally, we connected the two different exhibition venues by using similar elements in both spaces, such that whichever space one visited second, memories of the first would be evoked. For example, since DECK was designed using shipping containers, we brought a mini-container to Objectifs to house an installation.

The OH! Open House curatorial team comprised Alan Oei, Lim Su Pei, Lim Qi Xuan, and myself.

Photos: Mike Lim / Map Design: Lim Qi Xuan