P L A C E: A Collaborative Art Showcase

Marshall Road [Singapore]

P L A C E brought together a group of ex-classmates on the cusp of adulthood in an attempt to recreate and relive the experience of collective art-making. The project was an examination not only of overlapping physical, mental, and emotional spaces, but also the complex geographical, personal, and artistic spaces that have developed since they last worked together.

Each artist chose for himself or herself a place that they have had to navigate, whether it exists externally, internally, or in transition. What emerged was a showcase of 10 unique and personal definitions of 'place' that have nonetheless been developed within a group dynamic of mutual understanding and stimulation.

This exhibition was as much about remembrance as it is about discovery. It was the knowledge that most of the time, art is more about the process of seeking than the arrival at a resolution. It represented the struggle to find their place as artists and individuals, and the reminder that this place can only truly exist in a state of flux.

Artists: Jonathan Goh, Lorraine Lee, Lee Shu Han, Lin Zixin, Ian Ng, Queenie Ou, See Yong Feng, Berny Tan, Benedict Tay, Teng Yen Lin

Posters designed by Geneve Ong