OH!pen Call

Potong Pasir [Singapore]
Curated for OH! Open House

OH!pen Call was an experimental satellite programme running alongside OH! Potong Pasir, exploring the possibilities of meaningful community engagement in our everyday spaces.

Seven art and community projects were installed in the public spaces of Potong Pasir – in void decks, up staircases, in the Community Club and so on. The projects were installed for a total of sixteen days and were free for the public to enjoy. 

Projects + Creatives
FuturePresentPast / Artizens
HOP; in the Heart of Play / Lai Wei Min & Phoebe Zoe Ho
(HOUSE)plants / Joscelin Chew & Megan Miao
Meet-the-People Session / Adrian Tan & Jennifer Ng
Pock Pock Rock / Justin Tan Jianyang & Tay Ining
Tommy's Place / Elvis Wang
Two Storey Poetry / Lorraine Lee & Matthew Crawshaw

Photos by Mike Lim and Elvis Wang