Pearl cotton thread, Calico

Three projects currently in progress, experimenting with embroidering text.


Playing with the form of the paper talisman, much like the ones my grandmother gives me as a good luck charm, I am looking at how the back of the stitched text can have a calligraphic quality, resembling the writings on a talisman when embroidered on a narrow piece of fabric. Each talisman will consist of a sentence that I compose as a reflection on certain personal issues—analysing how my own behaviuor perpetuated an unhealthy situation, from which I have “disentangled” myself in a practical sense, but not quite yet in a mental or emotional sense.


Created in response to a class called The Ocean As Archive in the MA Contemporary Art Theory Programme at Goldsmiths, University of London, fifteen quotes are embroidered in succession, taken from the assigned readings for each week. Stitching becomes an act of stretching and slowing the temporalities of reading for myself. It will be paired with an audio piece, in which I reflect on the themes explored in the quotes as well the process of stitching, to be listened to in a one-on-one interaction between a viewer and the embroidery.


Created in response to a class called Transcultural Memory in the MA Contemporary Art Theory programme at Goldsmiths, University of London, I am stitching a series of five quotes from texts such as Julia Kristeva’s Black Sun: Depression and Melancholia and Sigmund Freud’s Mourning and Melancholia. After each piece is complete, I then unpick the entire quote, leaving behind only the traces of the stitched text in the form of fibres caught in the weave of the fabric. The pieces will be paired only with a citation of the original source text.