Selections from Isle-to-Isle

2014 – 2015
Various mediums

Isle-to-Isle was a year-long web-based experimental reading project conceived in collaboration with designer Sher Chew, with whom I share an interest in data visualisation/information design. 

The project commenced on June 1, 2014. Every week, we read 10 pages of Jules Verne's The Mysterious Island (Wordsworth Classics edition). Without consulting one another, we each generated a diagram based off those 10 pages. We aimed to publish both diagrams side-by-side on the website by midnight every Sunday, along with the text from the 10 pages. This went on for 50 weeks. The images on this page are a selection of my own favourites out of the 50 I created. (More detailed reflections are available on the project website.)

Isle-to-Isle ultimately became, not just a mammoth illustration of Verne's adventure classic, but also a record of the convergences and divergences in our relationship(s) with the text. Read more about the project here.